We provide underwater support from over 280 locations worldwide, managed from a single coordination centre in Algeciras. Our global network makes us flexible and adaptable and we can mobilise an expert team anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On receipt of your enquiry we get to work immediately, even at short notice. Once the job is scheduled we coordinate the maintenance to ensure minimal loss of operational time. As your vessel approaches your port of choice, our coordination centre alerts the local GTS Repairs crew, sending through relevant data and the vessel’s maintenance history so we can get to work immediately.

Hull Cleaning

Team of expert divers use approved and patented hull surface cleaning machines that are globally recognised as the most effective means to recuperate vessels performance and service speed. Advance cleaning techniques and equipment ensure that no damage is caused to the most delicate of anti-fouling systems, such as silicone and other soft-coated paints.

Propeller And Rudder Of Dive Boat

Regular polishing reduces propeller surface roughness up to a Rubert’s comparator’s scale A/B, to ensure maximum thrust, diminishing drag and optimum propeller hydro-efficiency. Divers can also repair propeller damage and surface erosion, with the added benefit of reducing stress on the propeller shaft and your vessel’s engines.

Diver With Underwater Camera Swimming Over The Ship Hull

Divers and technicians perform photographic hull inspections and surveys, backed by full CCTV and DVD footage. Technical reports provide a detailed assessment of general hull condition, the state of paint coating, cathodic protection, and any damage to steel surfaces and appendages. GTS Repairs inspections are an invaluable aide for classification society in class surveys, sale and purchase, and planning for dry dock work.

Two Technical Divers Repairing Ship Propeller Underwater. Technical Diving. Scuba Divers Under Ship Keel

Using the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to meet any underwater engineering challenge. Welding of hull cracks, patching or replacing steel plate sections (with cofferdam when required), securing cracks with Cox’s underwater bolts, replacing wasted zinc anodes, sealing stern gland and blanking sea water inlets to allow for internal repairs, and cropping and balancing damaged propellers.



Marine Surveyors